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Last Updated 5/28/08
Listserv Simulation Faculty Learning Community (simflc-l)

A listserv has been created for the Simulation Faculty Learning Community.

To subscribe to the simflc-l listserv, send an email to from the email account that you want to use to receive emails from the listserv. The body of the email should be as below with your first name and last name:

subscribe simflc-l firstname lastname

The list is configured as "Reply to sender" so that when you reply with your lunch selection it only goes to the sender and not the entire list. If you want to send an email to the entire list, you must use the SimFLC listserv address which is not displayed here (so that it is not spammed) but should be on emails you receive through the SimFLC listserv.

To unsubscribe, please send an email from the subscribed email account to with the command "SIGNOFF SIMFLC-L".