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Last Updated 5/9/08
Screen-Based, Web-Enabled and Panoramic Simulations - Lecture outline

Facilitator: Samsun (Sem) Lampotang, PhD, University of Florida Department of Anesthesiology

Screen-Based, Web-Enabled and Panoramic Simulations (So, you want to create a screen-based simulation?)

  • Getting started: Audience, purpose, learning objectives, bounds of the simulation
  • Animations vs. Simulations
  • Distinguish between simulation model and simulation format
  • Simulation formats: Interactive model with graphical plots, Analogue simulation, Transparent reality simulation, "Black box" photorealistic simulation, Panoramic photorealistic simulation
  • Simulation models: Scripted, Branching logic, Stochastic, Heuristic, Deterministic
  • Validation: Face validation, expert validation, validation against the literature
  • Intelligent tutor
  • Dissemination via the web
  • Tracking and recording individual performance

    This lecture is available as a podcast and a video (47 MB)