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Last Updated 8/27/08
Database Support for Simulation Management - Lecture outline

Facilitator: Howard Beck, PhD, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department

Database Support for Simulation Management

  • Problems in Simulation Management
    - Representing models at abstract levels
    - Documentation of model structure, equations, and symbols
    - Model base
    - Connection to data sources
    - Automatic simulation implementation
  • Ontology-based Simulation
    - Ontology Management Systems
    - Ontology languages
    - Reasoners
    - Physical storage management
    - Representing models using ontologies
    - Authoring tools
    - Code generators (XML, Java)
    - Supporting information
  • Applications
    - Bioprocessing simulator
    - Crop Water and Nutrient Management
    - Crocodile River
    - eLearning support
    - 3D support

    This lecture is available at
    This lecture is available as podcast, a video (36 MB)

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