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Last Updated 5/29/07
Bullard Intubation Video

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The Bullard laryngoscope is a rigid fiberoptic laryngoscope that can be used in patients with a mouth opening as little as 6 mm.

The Bullard laryngoscope can assist in both oral and nasal intubations. For nasal intubations, the Bullard laryngoscope is introduced into the mouth for visualization of the vocal cords but the ETT is not loaded onto the dedicated stylet. With experience the Bullard laryngoscope allows for rapid visualization of the larynx and can be used for rapid sequence intubation. Awake intubation is possible but requires good patient preparation and considerable skill. It can be used in the pediatric population, since a pediatric sized laryngoscope and stylet are available.

These above mentioned features make the Bullard laryngoscope a good airway management  option for certain difficult airway scenarios where conventional direct laryngoscopy might prove to be very difficult.