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Last Updated 04/26/07
Upsher Intubation Video

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The Upsher laryngoscope (Upsherscope) is a rigid fiberoptic laryngoscope requiring a minimal mouth opening of 15 mm, less than required for conventional direct laryngoscopy.  Use of the Upsherscope has been described for oral intubations only. With experience it allows for rapid visualization of the larynx and can be used for rapid sequence intubation. Awake intubation is possible but requires good patient preparation and considerable skill. Only an adult version of the Uspherscope is available; there is no pediatric version.
These above mentioned features make the Upsherscope a good airway management option for certain difficult airway scenarios where conventional direct laryngoscopy might prove to be very difficult.  However, compared to conventional direct laryngoscopy, the Upsherscope can be technically more difficult to use and a published prospective randomized controlled clinical trial actually showed a higher failure compared to direct laryngoscopy when used in the general population (not selected for difficult airways).