Last Updated 8/25/09
Anesthesia Machine & Monitoring Equipment Simulation-Based Usability Study

The Center for Simulation, Safety and Advanced Learning Technology (CSSALT) at the University of Florida Department of Anesthesiology offers simulation-based usability studies for anesthesia machines and other anesthesia equipment.

CSSALT has considerable experience in simulator-based usability studies from having conducted such formal evaluations for multiple international manufacturers over the years. As inventors of the technology used in the Human Patient Simulator, CSSALT personnel pioneered the use of mannequin patient simulators for usability studies of anesthesia machines and anesthesia equipment such as multi-parameter physiological monitors and automated anesthesia record keepers.

The patient is simulated with the METI mannequin patient simulators: HPS adult mannequin, PediaSim pediatric mannequin and BabySim infant mannequin. In consultation with the industry customer, CSSALT personnel will design and validate the relevant scenarios for use during the usability study.

Usability study participants are selected in consultation with the industry customer from anesthesiologists (faculty, anesthesia residents in their first, second and third years of training), Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), Anesthesiology Assistants (AAs), anesthesia technicians and clinical engineers. The usability study lasts 2 to 5 days depending on the industry customer's needs.

Please contact Sem Lampotang for further inquiries.