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Last Updated 7/14/08
Help with Accessing the VAM Simulation

Requirements to Run the VAM Simulation

Are you using a Windows or Mac operating system?

The simulation can only be viewed on the Windows and Mac platforms. It cannot be used on other platforms (including Unix / Linux operating systems) because of the unavailability of a Shockwave player (a web-browser plug-in) for these other platforms. Some users have reported being able to run the VAM simulation on a Linux platform by using a Windows emulator for Linux.

Are you using the latest version of the Shockwave player?

The most current Shockwave player can be downloaded from the Adobe website.
(Note the Adobe Flash and Shockwave players are not the same.)

Are you using the Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator or Opera web-browser?

A Shockwave player / plug-in has to be downloaded that is specific for each web-browser. There are only versions available for Internet Explorer (including the AOL version), Netscape Navigator/Opera browsers. Other web-browsers are not supported.

Still having problems accessing the VAM simulation? Drop us a note at the feedback section.

Using the VAM Simulation Without a Live Internet Connection

If you must teach with the VAM simulation in an area without Internet access, first access the VAM simulation from a laptop, notebook or portable computer at a nearby location with Internet access. Once the simulation is working the computer can be disconnected from the Internet. Make sure your battery has sufficient charge for the trip. Keeping your portable computer powered and your web-browser running, transport the computer to the location without Internet access and you should be able to use the VAM simulation there. If your laptop goes into "sleep" mode, click on "Reset" (on the orange column on the right of the VAM simulation screen) and then "Pause Animation" before transport. When you arrive at the location without Internet access, click on "Resume Animation" and then "Reset" before using the VAM simulation.

If you cannot run unconnected to the Internet (as described above), which would be unlikely, then try to select a room for teaching where there is some kind of Internet connection, whether this is through a modem, LAN or wireless access point. The VAM simulation is approximately 0.5 MB in size. It can be accessed even with a relatively slow Internet connection, like a dial-up modem, in about 7 minutes.