Last Updated 7/6/06
Access to the VAM Instructor Area

New Additions

High Pressure Systems

The ventilator drive gas supplied by the high pressure system may be configured to come from the oxygen or air manifold, using a model based upon the Aestiva or Modulus II. These machines have different oxygen failsafe valves and cylinder pressure gauge behaviors. Cylinders may be disconnected and drained to see how the systems respond to inadequate pressures.





Low Pressure Systems

This simulation may be configured to reflect different anesthesia machine designs. Options include an air flowmeter, a second vaporizer, a common gas outlet, a common gas outlet checkvalve, and a selectable auxiliary common gas outlet.

Scavenging Systems

There is a wide variation in scavenging systems around the world. This simulation models the active open, active bag, passive bag, and the passive activated charcoal scavenging systems. All simulations may be configured to scavenge ventilator drive gas.

Aestiva Simulation

A blackbox simulation of the Aestiva anesthesia machine, with no visible gas flows.

Modulus II Simulation

A blackbox simulation of the Modulus II anesthesia machine, with no visible gas flows.

Instructor Version of VAM

The unique features of Instructor VAM relative to the free basic VAM version are listed below.

Spontaneous breathing

Fourteen anesthesia machine faults and a randomized mystery fault.

A tutorial on how to use instructor VAM and how the faults may be used for instruction

Ability to pause/resume the simulation

Ability to hide/show the gas molecule icons, depending on teaching style or to make some faults less obvious

Ability to select and track a single gas molecule as it flows through the machine

Adjustable Ventilator Settings

I:E ratio
Tidal volume
Inspiratory pause
Inspiratory pressure limit


SpO2 including tones and alarms
FiO2 including alarm
Capnogram including normal and abnormal capnograms
Airway pressure trace
Exhaled VT measurement
Minute ventilation measurement
Audible alarm and silence button

How to Obtain Access to the VAM Instructor Area
To obtain free access to the VAM instructor area, ask representatives of drug and anesthesia equipment companies to sponsor access to the VAM instructor area (US$100 per year per instructor). Alternatively, you or your hospital, University or institution can purchase access to the VAM Instructor area by sending US$100 by credit card or check/money order for an annual fee. Click here for details for sponsoring/obtaining access to the VAM instructor area. Continued free access to the simulations in the free Member's Area is supported, in part, by the fees for accessing the VAM Instructor area.

Why is the Access Model Being Tweaked for the VAM Instructor Area?
The VAM project, beyond being an exploration of model-driven, interactive web simulation, is also an experiment in sustainable web philanthropy. The VAM team, with the financial support of the chair of the UF Department of Anesthesiology, made the decision right from the start in 1999 to make the VAM simulation available free of charge over the Web so that financial means would not be a barrier to access to essential patient safety materials. Our strategy was to obtain funding via corporate sponsorship and donations to eventually (within 5 years) meet the VAM team's payroll and make the VAM project self-sustaining.

Five years into this funding experiment, we have had to admit that VAM's philanthropic access model as originally conceived has failed and will not work without tweaking. Over the last 5 years, we received $22,500 in corporate sponsorship and $510 in donations, accounting for less than 5% of the total VAM team payroll. Lampotang et al, Anesthesiology 99: A1319, 2003

It is important to note that the simulations in the Member's Area remain free. Access to the VAM instructor area is also "free" to you if one of your industry contacts sponsors you.