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Last Updated 03/26/12
Instructor VAM - Virtual Anesthesia Machine

This premium transparent reality simulation of a generic anesthesia machine is designed for instructors.  Premium features include 14 anesthesia machine faults and a randomized mystery fault, a tutorial on how to use instructor VAM and how faults may be used for instruction, spontaneous breathing, ability to pause/resume the simulation, ability to hide/show the gas molecule icons, depending on teaching style or to make some faults less obvious, ability to select and track a single gas molecule as it flows through the machine, adjustable ventilator settings


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(I:E ratio, tidal volume, frequency, inspiratory pause, inspiratory pressure limit), Monitoring (SpO2 including tones and alarms, FiO2 including alarm, Capnogram including normal and abnormal capnograms, NIBP, HR, Airway pressure trace, Exhaled VT measurement, Minute ventilation measurement, Audible alarm and silence button)