Last Updated 11/22/05
Using with Powerpoint

How to Use the VAM Web Site Simulations with Powerpoint

There are two ways that you can use the simulations on the VAM web site in Powerpoint presentations depending on whether you have fast Internet access in the lecture room.

If you have fast Internet access in the lecture room:
Create a slide with hypertext that points to a URL for the simulation that you want to use. During the lecture, click on the hypertext to access the desired simulation. Run the simulation. When you are done using the simulation, use the back arrow button on your web browser toolbar to return to your slide show.

If you do NOT have fast Internet access in the lecture room:
STEP1. To teach with the desired simulation in an area without fast Internet access, first access the simulation from a laptop, notebook or portable computer at a nearby location with Internet access. Once the simulation is working the computer can be disconnected from the Internet. Make sure your battery has sufficient charge for the trip. Keeping your portable computer powered and your web-browser running, transport the computer to the location without Internet access and you should be able to use the simulation there. If you will use the VAM simulation and your laptop goes into "sleep" mode, click on "Reset" (on the orange column on the right of the VAM simulation screen) and then "Pause Simulation" (an instructor VAM feature) before transport. When you arrive at the lecture hall, click on "Reset" before using the VAM simulation.
STEP 2. Create your Powerpoint presentation and create a page with placeholder text to remind you to go to the simulation. Open your Powerpoint slide show. When you get to the reminder slide, press the "Alt" and "Tab" buttons simultaneously. A series of icons representing the different programs running should be displayed. To navigate to and select the desired program, keep the "Alt" key down while pressing and releasing the "Tab" key until the desired icon is selected. When the icon representing the browser running the simulation is selected, a square will appear aroud the "e" icon if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer. When the desired icon is selected, release the "Tab" key to bring that program "to the front". When you are done using the simulation, use the "Alt"/"Tab" key combination to select the Powerpoint slide show icon and resume your lecture.

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