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Last Updated 10/5/05
Samsun (Sem) Lampotang, Ph.D.

Personal Background

I was born and raised in the francophone island of Mauritius, of Chinese Hakka (Kejia in pinyin) parents. My father emigrated as a ten-year old boy from a village near Moyen, also spelled/pronounced as Moyan, Moiyen, Moiyan, Moyuen, Meihsien (Meixian), Meizhou county, Guangdong province, China. My last name is the Wade-Giles Romanization of the full name (clan name, "first" name, generation name) of my father, Lim Pou Ten in Hakka pronunciation (Lin Pu Deng). My Chinese name is Lim Sem Chow. I did my undergraduate studies in the United Kingdom and my graduate studies in the US where I now live with my wife Shirley and our three children, Kelly, Stephanie and Ryan.