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Last Updated 02/22/12

Simulation of Hydrostatic Pressure Artifact on Blood Pressure Measurement

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Gravenstein N, Lampotang S, Lizdas D. (2009):  Web Simulation of Blood Pressure Cuff Location and Patient Position.  Retrieved <insert date of retrieval here>, from University of Florida Department of Anesthesiology Virtual Anesthesia Machine Web site: /simulations/bpposition.html


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In this interactive simulation, users may learn about how the blood pressure measurement depends on the position of a patient and the location of the blood pressure cuff due to hydrostatic pressure.

It assumes a normal adult with a height of 183 cm (six feet) laying supine. The user may click and drag the table to adjust the angle from 20 degrees head down to vertical. The user may adjust the blood pressure at the heart. The resulting blood pressure reading at the arm, ankle, and head are displayed.