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Last Updated 8/14/03
Why the VAM Simulation is Only Accessible Via the Web

We have received many requests for the Virtual Anesthesia Machine (VAM) on CDs from users who do not have ready or reliable access to the Internet. We feel that there is a need to make our users and visitors aware of the VAM funding model and why we unfortunately cannot comply with their requests for VAM on CD.

The VAM funding model is based on leveraging traffic on the VAM web site into sponsorship and development grants from corporations and institutions. The more traffic we receive on the VAM web site, the higher will be our likelihood of securing funding for the wages of the VAM team members so that we can continue to maintain and grow VAM as a free educational resource for the global anesthesia (human and veterinary) community.

Distribution of VAM by CD would severely reduce traffic on our web site and decrease our chances of securing funding for the VAM team. We would not be able to control distribution of illegal copies of the VAM CDs. Furthermore, with an established base of over 7,500 registered VAM users worldwide, burning and mailing of the CDs would be an expensive endeavor that cannot be financially justified when we generate no income because we provide VAM as a free service. This is especially true when considering that we release 2 to 7 revisions of the VAM simulation and web site each year.

VAM is an ongoing and exciting experiment in Web philanthropy that provides high quality educational materials without charge, while attempting to be financially self-sustaining. We thank you for using VAM and hope that this explanation will make it easier to put up with being able to use VAM only via the Internet. Please note that once the VAM simulation is running, you no longer need to remain connected to the Internet and can then carry a portable computer running VAM to areas without Internet access.

We look forward to continued growth and interaction with our users. Thank you for your understanding and support. If you would like to make a donation, please click here.