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Last Updated 2/25/04
How to Obtain the APSF Anesthesia Machine Workbook in Your Native Language

Volunteer translators who are anesthesiologists and native speakers have already translated Chapter 1 of the APSF anesthesia machine workbook to Chinese, German, Italian and Korean. The Farsi and French translations are currently being reviewed and translations to Arabic, Georgian, Japanese and Spanish are under way.

If you would like to volunteer or know individuals who would like to volunteer and are qualified to do the translation, please contact Dr. Lampotang. Please note that a team of qualified translators could get the work done quicker. We will give credit to each individual translator and his or her institution in the translation of the workbook.

If possible, we also request that you recommend reviewer(s) for the translation. The reviewer(s) must be a native speaker, knowledgeable about anesthesia machines and not involved in the actual translation. We will give credit to the reviewer(s) and their institutions in the translation of the workbook. Thank you.