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Last Updated 02/07/11
Difficult Airway Videos
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Difficult airway documents

Difficult airway - a patient-centric perspective

Aintree Intubation Catheter Videos

Case 1 Laryngeal mask placement / Aintree Catheter Placement / Endotracheal Tube Placement
Aintree Case 2
Aintree Case 3

Large size AIRTRAQ Videos

AIRTRAQ Preparation
Using the AIRTRAQ Camera
AIRTRAQ Case 1 Without Camera
AIRTRAQ Case 4 Fogging due to late activation of light and lens heater
AIRTRAQ Mallampati I
AIRTRAQ Mallampati II
AIRTRAQ Mallampati III
AIRTRAQ Mallampati IV  (Mouth Opening Still Images:  Image 1  Image 2 )
AIRTRAQ Awake Intubation
AIRTRAQ Nasal Intubation
AIRTRAQ Foreign Body Removal

Small size AIRTRAQ Videos

AIRTRAQ Mallampati I  4' 2" tall, seven-year old

Storz DCI Videos

Storz Case 1
Storz Case 2
Storz Case 3
Storz Case 4
Storz Case 5
Storz Case 6
Storz Case 7

Bullard Laryngoscope Videos

Bullard Case 1
Bullard Case 2
Bullard Case 3

Direct Laryngoscopy (DL) Videos

DL Case 1

Fiber Optic Bronchoscopy (FOB) Videos

FOB Case 1
FOB Case 2
FOB Case 3
FOB Case 4 Due to a stereotactic head ring, intubation by other means would have been difficult

Lighted Stylet Videos

Lighted Stylet Case 1

Upsher Laryngoscope Videos

Upsher Case 1
Upsher Case 2
Upsher Case 3