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Last Updated 4/29/13
Samsun (Sem) Lampotang, Ph.D.

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Intellectual Property, Licenses, Commercial Products and Creative Works
Max Adult/Pediatric Transport Ventilator   Licensee: Hamilton Medical
Human Patient Simulator (HPS) Licensee: Medical Education Technologies Inc.
Virtual Anesthesia Machine Simulation Free transparent reality simulation, after registration
Virtual Fabius GS Simulation Free transparent reality simulation of a piston ventilator
Aestiva simulation Blackbox simulation of the Aestiva machine
Modulus II simulation Blackbox simulation of the Modulus II machine
Air-Cooled Football Pads Licensee: Williams Sports Group
Anesthesia machine pre-use check simulation Free transparent reality simulation
License pending - contact Paul Dryden
Interactive simulation of pneumatic systems US Patent 7,128,578 - Available for license

Context-sensitive flow interrupter and drainage outflow optimization system - Available for license


Interactive mixed reality system and uses thereof - Available for license


Mixed simulator and uses thereof - Available for license


Display-based interactive simulation with dynamic panorama - Available for license

Doctoral Dissertation
Design Methodology, Fabrication and Evaluation of a Blower-Recirculated, Closed Ventilation System as a Platform for Anesthesia Delivery