Last Updated 02/14/11
VAM Web Site Sponsorship

Sponsorship of the entire VAM web site:
Free access to the VAM web site is made possible by corporate sponsorship and donations that fund the wages of the VAM team that, in turn, provides web simulations free of charge to the global anesthesia community. Industry sponsorship helps sustain the VAM experiment in sustainable philanthropic education. Please take the time to express your appreciation, if the opportunity presents itself, to our current sponsors:

Airtraq galemed Carefusion logo

A yearly donation of $10,000 will entitle any sponsor to be recognized as supporting the Member's Area of the VAM web site and its continued free use by the global anesthesia community by display of the sponsor's logo on the home page of the VAM web site.

The sponsor's logo will be a clickable link to the home page of the sponsor. We believe that VAM has generated much good will worldwide based on the traffic and comments we have received from our more than 26,000 registered users who appreciate access without charge to high quality simulations. VAM is being used in at least 287 programs worldwide and receives 4,250,000 hits per year. Since April 1, 2002 when we started monitoring it, VAM has been the first listing upon a Google search on "anesthesia machine". We believe that potential sponsors may wish to be associated with the goodwill generated by VAM by sponsoring the site.

Different sponsorship opportunities are available to foundations and corporations.

1. Sponsorship of the entire VAM web site at $10,000 per year

2. Sponsorship of the airway device section of the VAM web site at $10,000 per year

3. Sponsorship to provide individuals access to the academic area at $100/yr for each person

4. Sponsorship of simulations in the academic or registered access area to make them permanently available to the general public without registration and/or without charge

5. Sponsorship of the Free Simulation of the Week. Your logo will be displayed with the simulation of the week and will be a clickable link to your home page.

6. Sponsorship of mini-simulations

7. Sponsorship of institutions to provide faculty and/or students access to the academic area

Sponsorship of VAM is open to all institutions and corporations committed to patient safety in the human and veterinary fields. Please contact Sem Lampotang to request specifics of sponsoring the VAM web site.