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Last Updated 8/25/06
Hemostasis Simulation  
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This ongoing development work to simulate perioperative hemostasis is funded by Novo Nordisk. We will post our work in progress on this site as the simulation evolves and invite participation and input from all concerned. Please use the bulletin board forum to send us your comments and input. Thank you.

Concept Scenario: Liver Transfusion 8/29/06

Mini-Animation: Normal Clot Formation 8/25/06

Mini-Animation: Abnormal Clot Formation, low fibrinogen 8/25/06

Hemostasis Scenarios

Concept Scenario: Coagulopathic/Microvascular Bleeding during Massive Tranfusion 1/06/06

Preliminary algorithm for perioperative hemostasis 11/21/05

TEG® Monitor 10/27/05

Dynamic Flowchart with Detail Concept 10/13/05

Dynamic Flowchart Concept 10/12/05

Concept Screenshot 10/05/05

Concept Simulation 9/30/05

Concept Simulation 9/26/05