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Last Updated 3/31/14
Simulation, Education and Training Services

Fast turnaround Web surveys including collation and data analysis
- Form based surveys
- Simulation-based surveys/studies
Development of web curricula and learning objectives
Web tutorial development with or without simulations
Design and implementation of intelligent tutors
Provide outsourced curricula and assessment to educational and training programs
Provide premium instructor services and support
Custom simulations for medical equipment and devices (transparent reality, blackbox, mixed simulations)
Fast prototyping and evaluation of user interfaces and human factors analysis via screen-based simulation
Simulation workshops

Simulator based studies and evaluations – usability studies, product evaluation using manikin simulations
Simulation workshops

Patient Safety
Development, dissemination and maintenance of patient safety materials
CME (Continuing Medical Education)
Internationalization of training and patient safety materials to comply with local environment, standards, regulations, customs and culture

Consultancy for simulation, curriculum and technology development including collaborative e-learning and deployment of simulation learning objects
Use of manikin-based simulators as test platforms for peer-reviewed studies
Modeling, verification and validation
Scenario development and validation

Anesthesia preceptorships
Salesforce training and education
Educational games
Simulation-based usability studies of medical equipment and processes
Simulations to assist the regulatory process such as FDA approval
Market research
Product evaluation and salesforce and user education and training prior to and during product launch
On-line workshops (scheduled and on-demand) - can be customized for a given audience, company or product

Simulations for jury education

Examples of services delivered on time and on budget can be accessed from our on-line simulation portfolio.  References from industry and funding agencies available upon request

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