Last Updated 11/18/16
Simulation Portfolio

The simulations on the VAM simulation portfolio use the Adobe Shockwave
plug-in which most web browsers no longer support.

The simulations work on the following operating systems and browsers:
Windows: IE11
macOS Sierra: Safari

We are seeking funding to recreate the simulations with contemporary technology.
Until then, we will keep the simulations online as long as the plugin is available.

It has been our privilege providing this patient safety and simulation resource for
nearly 20 years to our over 45,000 registered users worldwide.

25 Free
Public Simulations
8 Free
Member Simulations
12 Academic
Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Heuristic Model of Spinal Anesthesia
Configurable transparent reality simulation of an anesthesia machine
Spinal Anesthesia
with Active Dermatomes
OR Electrical Safety Anesthesia Machine Pre-use Check, US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) 1993 Instructor Virtual Anesthesia Machine (VAM) Simulation

Electrical Power and Safety
in the Operating Room

  Basic Virtual Anesthesia Machine (VAM) Simulation Generic Piston Ventilator Anesthesia Machine
SIMR Bag Rhythm
Basic Virtual Anesthesia Machine (VAM) Simulation Generic Piston Ventilator
Anesthesia Machine
New Idea Adoption Simulation
Carbon Dioxide Absorption in a Circle System During Mechanical Ventilation
Aestiva Anesthesia Machine
Simulation of Change –
Adopting a New Way
O2 Circulation Model
Access the APSF VAM Workbook
Anesthesia Machine: Standalone, Configurable High Pressure System Simulation
Pulse Oximeter image
Modulus II Anesthesia Machine
Anesthesia Machine: Standalone, Configurable Low Pressure System Simulation
bp position image
Simulation of Propofol and Fospropofol Pharmacokinetics
Pre-oxygenation/Denitrogenation - stochastic
Alveolar Gas Equation
Thromboelastograph TEG Simulation
Anesthesia Machine: Standalone, Configurable Scavenging System Simulation
Virtual Fabius GS
Re-Purposable Simulation of a First Order System
Dialysis/CVVH machine
Airway Devices for the Difficult Airway
How to Use the VAM Web Site Simulations with Powerpoint
Simulation of Fospropofol Pharmacokinetics
Airway Devices
for the Difficult Airway
Perioperative Hemostasis
Blood and Oil Gas Solubility
Coronary Circulation Model
Water Gas Solubility
One-Compartment Pharmacokinetic Model with Bolus - Stochastic simulation
Tutorial for Using the Instructor Version of VAM
Two-Compartment Pharmacokinetic Model with Bolus - Stochastic simulation
Hydraulic analog of Two-Compartment Pharmacokinetics, Bolus, Infusion, Oral Administration
One-Compartment Hydraulic Analog (Deterministic)
Bag Valve Mask Ventilation, aka Self Inflating Manual Resuscitator (SIMR)    
Pill Dosing/Compliance Simulation
Pill Dosing/Compliance Simulation
Air Cooled Football Pads
Altitude Oxygen Calculator - provided by Baillie and Simpson
Analytical Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Principles
Collision with Variable Velocities and Coefficient of Restitution of Two Particles
Simulation of Credit Card Type Interest
Succinylcholine Pharmacokinetic Simulation
Rocuronium Pharmacokinetic Simulation
Simulation of Propofol Pharmacokinetics