Last Updated 02/14/11

Pharmacokinetic, Public Health and Community Service Simulations

One Compartment Pharmacokinetic Models

One-Compartment Stochastic Visualization

One-Compartment Hydraulic Analog (Deterministic)

Two Compartment Pharmacokinetic Models

Two-Compartment Stochastic Visualization

Two-Compartment Hydraulic Analog (Deterministic)

Succinylcholine Pharmacokinetics

Rocuronium Pharmacokinetics

Three Compartment Pharmacokinetic Models

Propofol Pharmacokinetics

Health Literacy on the Web: Public Health

Simulation of compliance with prescribed drug regimen This simulation can be used in combination with the wiki page at http://vam.anest.ufl.edu/wiki/index.php?title=drug_compliance

Community Service

Personal Finance - Credit Card Type Interest


Simulation Director: Sem Lampotang, PhD

Clinical Advisers: Nikolaus Gravenstein, MD